Gang of women traffickers busted

Posted: March 18, 2015 in By Deepak Kharel

culprits all

KATHMANDU: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police has busted a gang of traffickers involved in trafficking Nepali women to Africa, the Gulf and other countries through enticement.

The operation carried out by the Nepal Police was led by Central Investigation Bureau (CIB).
Following information from various law enforcement agencies and complaints from victimized girls, the bureau under “operation eagle” arrested seven persons involved in the trafficking racket.

The police have revealed that the girls were selected from dance bars and dance training centers in Kathmandu on the basis of good physique, dance skills among others. They were then lured with the promise of more than Rs 100,000 per month salary.
“After the girls were approved by the agents in different countries — Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Malaysia and Bahrain the girls were trafficked to these countries via Delhi and Mumbai on tourist visas,” DIG Hemanta Malla, director of CIB said. Few girls flew using TIA with the help of officials of the Labor Department and TIA, he said.
Those arrested by the police have been identified as Rajendra Subedi Khatri, 34, of Imadol-6, Lalitpur, Sabin Shrestha aka Sabin Raja Manandhar, 37, of Batu-7 of Kathmandu, Tarun Yojana Khangwal, 27, from New Delhi, India, Lalit Raj Singh Suwal, 32 of Ichangu-6 of Thulo Bharyang, Sunil Adhikari, 32 of Biratnagar-7 of Morang, Kedar Bahadur Khadka aka Ashish, 34 of Aankhibhui-8 of Sankhuwasava, and Nabin Dahal, 34, Aankhisalla-6 of Dhankuta. They were arrested on March 12 and 13 from various places in Kathmandu.
Khatri has been identified as a major kingpin behind the racket. He has invested in dance bars in Nepal and Dubai. Shrestha was found involved in receiving demands from abroad. Indian national Khangawal was found involved in taking the girls to their destinations. He has also invested in dance bars in Kenya and Tanzania.
pp fPolice also informed that Suwal was working in partnership with Shrestha, while Adhikari and Dahal selected girls to be sent abroad.

The victim girls that came into police contact complained that they were given the target to earn a certain amount per day and forced into unlawful activities.“We believe that there are other such trafficking rackets,” SP Kiran Bajracharya of CIB said.

Police have seized Nepali and US currencies, 24 passports and 12 citizenship cards of girls, 63 photographs and travel documents from the arrested.

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